Playbook: Los Angeles Clippers Horns Snug Milwaukee

I’ve been consistently impressed with a handful of teams this year and the Los Angeles Clippers might be the top of that list. Doc Rivers has them running some really good action and Horns Snug Milwaukee is no exception.

The play begins in the traditional Horns setup, with the point guard handling in the middle of the floor, two bigs at the elbows, and two wings in the corners. The point guard will enter the ball to a big man, usually on the right, then cut through to the right corner. From there, it’s a three-man action, with the opposite big stepping over into a ball screen (usually called “Snug”, though the Clippers’ ball-handling big will usually back the ball out to the three-point line to eliminate the Snug aspect of it). The ball-handling big will take the screen, but rather than looking to attack, he floats to the left corner, where he executes a DHO with the wing in that corner. The screening big follows to set a ball screen for the wing coming out of the corner. A DHO followed by a ball screen has a number of different names around the league; I call it “Milwaukee” because it’s the reverse of “Chicago” action, which is a down screen followed by a DHO, but some people also call this “Miami”. Same action, just a different name.

Take a look: