The Weekly Roundup (30 April – 6 May 2019)

I write a lot of articles for several different websites and realize that keeping up with all of them is difficult, especially for those who don’t spend all of their time on Twitter, where I post all of my articles but also throw in a ton of other stuff – mostly live notes from games I’m watching or way-too-in-depth thoughts on Game of Thrones. This is a weekly roundup piece here on Early Bird Rights to both make it easier to find my pieces written elsewhere and build a portfolio of sorts that’s all in one place.

In the non-playoff world, I wrote two draft profiles this week on the two D-II guys who have declared:

  • Daulton Hommes, a 6’8 shooter out of Point Loma Nazarene. He might not have NBA athleticism to stick defensively, but that’s a very difficult archetype to find, so he’ll get a look from someone.
  • Amir Hinton, a 6’5 guard out of Shaw University. I’m much lower on Hinton than I am on Hommes. I just don’t see how he makes the leap athletically and has his scoring hold up at the next level, and he doesn’t seem to have any skills he can fall back on.

I wrote twice about the Golden State-Houston series, one on each side. Eric Gordon gives the Rockets another offensive option and has been great getting to the rim in this series in addition to his outside shooting. This piece was written after Game 1, but they had a lot of success with moving a little faster and getting him going downhill in Game 3, which helped spur them offensively to their first win.

Another important facet of Houston’s offense has been their constant attack on Stephen Curry, who has held up really well defensively outside of a handful of mistakes. His hedge-and-recover game has been strong against Harden, though Houston has figured out a few ways to beat him.

Portland-Denver has been a really fun back-and-forth series. After Game 2, I took a look at Portland’s post defense against Nikola Jokic. He’s obviously had a very strong series overall but the Trail Blazers presented some problems in Game 2 with their varied help timing.

I’ll have more draft profiles in the near future, continuing playoff coverage across the internet, plus we’ll be getting into free agency here on EBR very soon.