The Weekly(ish) Roundup (4 June – 25 June 2019)

I write a lot of articles for several different websites and realize that keeping up with all of them is difficult, especially for those who don’t spend all of their time on Twitter, where I post all of my articles but also throw in a ton of other stuff – mostly live notes from games I’m watching or way-too-in-depth thoughts on Game of Thrones. This is a weekly (sometimes!) roundup piece here on Early Bird Rights to both make it easier to find my pieces written elsewhere and build a portfolio of sorts that’s all in one place.

My offseason preview series is coming to a close in the next few days, with just a handful of teams left to cover before free agency kicks off on June 30. You can find the full series here, and if you don’t see your team on there, that means they’re coming this week.

Elsewhere, we finished up our draft profile series at Peachtree Hoops. I wrote a handful of the top guys since the last time I posted a Weekly Roundup:

My full draft board was also posted here at Early Bird Rights, if you’re interested in combing back through my pre-draft thoughts and comparing them to how things played out.

Atlanta has been active on the trade market in recent weeks and I’ve had full breakdowns of those deals written for Peachtree Hoops as well.

Other trades I covered here on Early Bird Rights:

On the Anthony Davis trade, I also wrote this for Dime Magazine to explain the timing behind the trade and why it matters whether the trade goes through on July 6 or July 30.

I have an ongoing series at The Basketball Writers ($) that will dive into free agency from a few players’ perspectives, rather than the team-based profiles I post here on Early Bird Rights. The first two are up already and there are a handful more that will come this week.

On the free agency front, I also wrote for Blazer’s Edge about Seth Curry and why he should be the priority for them among their incumbent free agents. This thinking has shifted somewhat in the wake of the Turner deal, as Al-Farouq Aminu is now an important player at the Forward and Stretch positions with Turner swapped out for a wing in Bazemore, but Curry’s value to the team still holds firm.

Finally, I wrote a draft preview for Forbes on the New Orleans Pelicans and a free agency preview on the Atlanta Hawks.

More to come in the next month or so as we move into free agency!