Salary Cap 2018-19

*Max 2019 Space includes teams opting out of all team options, cutting all non- and partially-guaranteed players, but does not include players opting out of their player options or ETOs. It is not a projection of what space will be available to them, but how much space they can get without any extra help from player options, stretching fully guaranteed players, or other teams in trades.

Note: I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what goes into each team’s cap holds. Cap holds include all free agency holds for players finishing their contracts this season but also include an traded player exceptions, first-round draft picks, and the team’s applicable mid-level and/or bi-annual exceptions, which is why it sometimes seems like teams have inflated cap holds over what it lists in the top portion of each sheet. All TPEs, exceptions, and draft rights are listed in the bottom section of each sheet and are subject to change based on what actually happens during the draft and team’s free agency plans; they can always renounce these holds just like they do for their own free agents in order to create more usable cap space.

A full list of 2019 free agents and potential free agents (options, non-guarantees) can be found here. Each player has a positional and role designation as well, which you can click on to be taken to a list of free agents who fit that position or role, for easier comparison between free agents.